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Who We Are


Stefan is a leading digital marketeer who is well-known in SEO circles. A technical SEO by trade, Stefan knows how to play to Google’s beat and ensure your business gets the exposure it deserves. Stefan has applied his trade at leading businesses such as and Shop Direct over the past 15- years.


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Scott has held leadership roles within the digital world for the past 15-years working for, launching MoneySavingExpert's 'Cheap Energy Club' and being part of the SMT at 'Make It Cheaper' (now 'Bionic'). He also spent 3-years in the global online privacy market working with some of the World's largest and brightest tech companies. In 2019, he took the leap to launch Stonechat Digital and apply his strategic thinking to help small-businesses find that next level of growth.


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What We Do

We don’t just build links and drive traffic. That’s the easy bit. We ensure what we do is aligned to your business goals, delivers profit and has a clear purpose to delight your customers. As a joined-up Commercial & Digital agency, we look at the full picture to ensure all elements of your business are working together to deliver real growth and a solid return on investment.

Strategic Support
We review your business goals and help navigate towards them with a clear and detailed strategic review of your business and the markets in which it operates. We help execute the plan effectively and efficiently keeping you focused on what matters by cutting through the day-to-day noise that can so easily distract you from achieving your goals. Ultimately, if it doesn’t move the dial, why are you doing it?
Digital Marketing
Grow your customer base with our digital marketing services. Covering SEO, PPC, Email Marketing and Social Media, connect with your current and prospective customers at the various digital marketing touchpoints available to you. Our in-depth audits will show how you can grow your organic and paid visibility, and our opportunity analysis will see exactly which parts of your business we need to push for maximum profitability.
Conversion Analysis
Utilise over 30-years of combined online expertise to help identify game-changing conversion opportunities to deliver a better user-experience (UX) and ultimately greater commercial returns for your bottom-line. With our analytical deep-data analysis, we look at how users engage with your website and identify potential friction points that may be distracting customers from carrying out your core business goal and therefore impacting conversion rate and Revenue Per Visitor (RPV).
With an analytical eye, we take an in-depth look at your finances to optimise all areas of your business and ensure you are maximising revenue growth whilst minimising costs. As well as optimising web performance through enhanced targeting and UX, we also assist with third-party negotiations to further optimise commercial performances.

Our Portfolio

We have been lucky to work for some of the UK’s leading online businesses gathering vast amounts of experience in terms of what works and what doesn’t. We have been involved with FTSE250 companies and multi-million pound projects through to smaller businesses looking to cut-through and acquire investment from private-equity firms.

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