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Stonechat Digital, located in Wirral, UK, is a leading-edge digital marketing agency guided by the expertise of Stefan Mustieles and Scott Byrom. Specialising in bespoke digital strategies, our services encompass SEO, PPC, digital PR, web design, and development. Our mission is to elevate our clients' online presence and drive their business growth. We achieve this by aligning our innovative strategies with our clients' objectives, guaranteeing significant online visibility and profitability.

The Role

As a PPC Executive at Stonechat Digital, your role is pivotal in driving client success through targeted pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns. Your responsibilities include:

  • Strategy Development: Collaborating with our strategy team to craft and refine PPC strategies that align with client goals, ensuring a unified approach to digital marketing.
  • Campaign Execution: Managing and optimising PPC campaigns across various platforms, including Google Ads and social media, to maximise visibility and conversion rates.
  • Performance Analysis: Utilising analytics tools to assess campaign performance, identify optimisation opportunities, and measure the impact of PPC strategies.
  • Creative Collaboration: Working closely with content creators and designers to develop compelling ad copy and visuals that enhance campaign effectiveness.
  • Client Reporting: Regularly reporting to clients on campaign performance, highlighting key successes and areas for optimisation.
  • Market Awareness: Keeping abreast of the latest PPC trends and algorithm changes, applying innovative tactics to stay ahead in a competitive landscape.
  • Team Engagement: Contributing to team meetings and strategy sessions, sharing insights and ideas that support overall objectives and client success.

Who We're Looking For

We seek an individual who is not only passionate about PPC but also eager to immerse themselves in the broader digital marketing sphere. The ideal candidate will possess:

  • Proven PPC Expertise: A track record of success in managing and optimising PPC campaigns, ideally within an agency setting.
  • Strategic Mindset: Ability to develop comprehensive PPC strategies that contribute to client goals and overall marketing objectives.
  • Analytical Acumen: Proficiency in using analytics tools to drive data- informed decisions, enhancing campaign performance.
  • Creative Collaboration: Experience in working with creative teams to craft impactful ad content and visuals.
  • Communication Skills: Outstanding verbal and written communication abilities for effective collaboration and client presentations.
  • Problem-Solving Capability: A creative problem-solver who can navigate complex challenges and identify strategic solutions.
  • Lifelong Learner: A commitment to ongoing learning and adaptation in the fast-evolving digital marketing landscape.
  • Team Spirit: Enthusiasm for contributing to a team’s success through collaboration and shared knowledge.
At Stonechat Digital, we cherish creativity, teamwork, and a dedication to excellence. If you are results-driven and have a fervent passion for PPC, we'd love to hear from you.


This full-time, permanent position is fully remote. At this time we are only considering candidates based in the UK. We offer a competitive salary and a chance to grow professionally in a supportive and dynamic environment. You'll work on diverse projects, making a tangible impact on our clients' success.

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Stonechat Digital is dedicated to sustainable business growth through innovative digital strategies. Our approach is client-focused, ensuring customised solutions that align with their unique business needs.

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