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Ace Odds is a pioneering website that provides savvy bettors with sophisticated betting calculators and lucrative bonus codes from its partner bookmakers. In the fiercely competitive realm of online betting—a niche notorious for aggressive marketing tactics and the prevalence of black hat SEO—Ace Odds stands out for its commitment to delivering clear, precise, and valuable betting information.

Ace Odds Website


As an ingenious betting calculator website, Ace Odds had been expertly navigating the online betting industry landscape with a lean operational model, relying on the agility and diverse skills of multiple freelancers. Despite this, their growth was hampered by fragmented internal processes, which affected their ability to consistently produce the high-calibre content required for standing out in a market saturated with competitors employing black hat SEO tactics.

Understanding the importance of Google's E-E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness, and Experience) principles, especially for Your Money or Your Life (YMYL) sites, Ace Odds faced the crucial challenge of building a portfolio of high-quality backlinks to meet stringent guidelines. This was imperative not only for SEO but also for ensuring that the content directly impacting customers’ financial decisions was of the highest integrity.

Initially, Ace Odds' influence was confined to the UK, a market with immense potential but equally matched by its competitiveness. Recognising the untapped international markets, there was a clear opportunity to extend their reach beyond these borders and engage with a broader audience eager for their unique offerings.


Our mission was simple, we wanted to propel Ace Odds to the forefront of the online betting industry was multi-pronged, addressing both their immediate and long-term growth aspirations. Below are our objectives of how we would get there:

Enhance Offline Brand Visibility: Bolster Ace Odds’ brand search volume by supporting and amplifying their offline promotional activities. This strategy aimed to create a synergy between online presence and real-world brand recognition, driving curious consumers to search for Ace Odds organically.

Leverage Sponsored Brand Promotions: Capitalise on high-traffic sporting websites through sponsored brand promotions, placing Ace Odds directly in the spotlight where their potential customers are most active. This targeted approach was designed to not only increase visibility but also to associate the brand with high-quality sports content providers.

Establish a Robust Backlink Infrastructure: Develop a stable influx of high-quality backlinks and mentions, with a dedicated monthly tracking system to monitor and optimise this process. By securing reputable backlinks, we aimed to fortify Ace Odds' online authority and trustworthiness, which are pivotal for YMYL sites.

Ace Odds Objectives
Ace Odds Traffic

On-Site Content Enhancement: Expand the website's content strategy to incorporate new articles, video content, and interactive elements, enriching the existing content repository. This objective was set to ensure that users not only find the information they need but also engage with the content, improving on-site metrics and user satisfaction.

Content Localisation for International Markets: Translate and localise top-performing content to cater to identified key international markets, thereby extending Ace Odds' reach and making their valuable resources accessible to a wider, global audience.

Streamline Freelancer Management: Provide support in managing the array of freelancers to streamline the content pipeline, ensuring a cohesive and efficient workflow that maintains the high standards of content necessary for a YMYL website.

These objectives were formulated to not just navigate the complexities of the competitive betting industry but also to set a foundation for sustained growth and international expansion for Ace Odds.

Strategy and Tactics

To convert our strategic objectives into actionable results for Ace Odds, we deployed a tactical arsenal that was both innovative and grounded in digital marketing best practices:

1. Sponsorship Outreach: We initiated a targeted outreach programme to UK racecourses, culminating in a regular sponsorship of horse racing events every two months. This was complemented by high-profile sponsorships within Rugby League, including individual players, to bolster brand visibility and engage sports enthusiasts directly associated with betting.
2. Dynamic Digital PR Campaigns: Our approach to Digital PR was twofold. Firstly, we capitalised on reactive PR strategies, latching onto trending stories across sports and entertainment to keep the brand relevant and newsworthy. Secondly, we conducted exclusive interviews with renowned sports personalities, utilising their insights to anchor our content and secure mentions and backlinks from authoritative UK news outlets.

Ace Odds Strategy
Ace Odds Social

3. Content Pipeline Development: We established a robust content pipeline process that began with exhaustive keyword research, leading to detailed content briefs, and culminating in the production of high-quality content. This process was meticulously crafted to ensure a seamless flow from ideation to execution. Furthermore, we ventured into multimedia content by producing explainer videos for our betting calculators and capturing our sports star interviews on video, thereby catering to the diverse content consumption preferences of our audience.
4. Translation and Localisation: We spearheaded the translation project for Ace Odds, meticulously selecting and translating top-performing content to resonate with international audiences. This effort was crucial in establishing a strong online presence in regions with high engagement potential. We ensured that the essence of the original content was maintained while making it culturally relevant for each new market.

Through these tactical manoeuvres, we aimed not only to enhance Ace Odds'' brand presence in the UK market but also to lay down a solid foundation for quality backlink acquisition and content excellence.

The Results


Increase in Organic Visibilty in the UK


increase in Organic Traffic


Over 100% increase in localised traffic from Canada, USA, Germany and many other countries


links and branded mentions built


Stable P1 Rankings for Betting Calculator KWs


High profile sports player interviews and sponsorships


Additional revenue streams created across YouTube and Twitter


Racecourse Sponsorship agreements created
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